Where Spirit Lives

Special Gallery II Exhibit
March 29 — April 29, 2018
Reception April 8, 2018, 1–3 pm
Chris Knapp • Rebecca Martinez • Connie Rodriguez

Chris Knapp
Ms. Knapp uses paint, encaustic and found objects in her work. She is a thrift store junkie extraordinaire.

“I began making a series of crosses after a visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico. These are made in the Folk Art tradition using found and collected objects which are often embellished with beads, tacs, nails, buttons, paint, fingernail polish and other miscellaneous hardware.”
Each cross features a clever title with a spiritual reference.


Rebecca Martinez
Ms. Martinez creates her journals, figures and jewelry with polymer clay.

“Polymer clay is a good medium in which to embed bits of dirt, sand or pigment from ordinary or sacred places. As I condition the clay with my hands and create my pieces, perhaps some of my own 'chi' is absorbed also. And I share this with you when the piece goes home with you.”

Connie Rodriguez
As a former Jungian Psychotherapist symbols, archetypes and dreams often inspire Ms. Rodriguez' work.

“I love the sacred and mysteries in life and this is reflected in my paintings and spirit dolls. As an abstract expressionist artist, my art expresses the feeling of a place or thing, not the thing itself.“