Full of GRACE

Hosted Reception: Sunday Sep 3, 2017, 1pm – 3pm
Show runs from Sep 3 to Oct 29

Full of GracePlease join three well known artists as they harmonize their unique interpretations of artwork inspired by GRACE.

You will see new work by guest artist Dana Bilello-Barrow as she continues to be inspired by the movement of water and attempts to capture visually, the effects of oceans and rivers both in her vessel forms and her installation pieces.

Thien Dao’s diverse expressions, from graceful forms to pure whimsy, gives clay a graceful forms that begs the viewers to touch and engage or just smile. While the feminine figures represent elegance of movement,
her more whimsical works attempt to bring you joy.

Maureen Gilli features her large mixed media paintings that dance with color and texture. Maureen’s work is accented by her signature copper repousse and other gems that she collects in order to tell the viewer a story.

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