Emerging Artist Residency

Heather Scott
Heather Scott, currently High Hand Gallery’s youngest artist, adjusts the display of her silver jewelry.

High Hand Gallery, an established artist co-op, is excited to offer a Residency Program for Emerging Artists. An Emerging Artist is defined here as an individual, aged 18-35, who has demonstrated a dedication to an art medium or mediums that indicates advanced skill and is at the beginning of their career.

The goal of the Residency is to provide an opportunity for Emerging Artists to:

  • Learn about the gallery process including sales of their own artwork as well as that of other members
  • Network with other artists in diverse mediums
  • Gain familiarity with a variety of art mediums
  • Learn about gallery marketing
  • Learn about promotion of artowrk
  • Market the gallery and their own artwork
  • Participate in the day-to-day “care and feeding” of a successful gallery
  • Assist with creation, promotion and execution of an art event
  • Learn about gallery curation process

Length of Residency
Successful candidates for this Residency will commit to 6 months of participation, during which the emerging artist will work with a mentor member of the gallery. The mentor is available to meet with and assist the Emerging Artist as needed. The Residency MAY be extended, at the option of High Hand Gallery’s Board of Directors and the Emerging Artist.

Artist Requirements

  • The Emerging Artist is required to fulfill two 8 hour shifts per month. However, the shift duty may be adjusted — if necessary — to accommodate the Emerging Artist’s school, work, family and other commitments at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • The Emerging Artist is expected to assist in the planning and execution of one of the gallery’s events, such as The Steampunk Victorian Holiday Festival, The Spring Celebration or Art Fest.
  • The normal monthly gallery fee of $65 is decreased for Emerging Artists to $25.
  • The Gallery retains a 22% commission of the Emerging Artist work sold at the gallery, which is standard for all members of the Gallery.
  • All work displayed in the gallery must be the work of the Emerging Artist. The guidelines for Emerging Artists are the same as for other gallery members and includes that the work be original.

To Apply
Potential artists should:

  • Apply to the Gallery (click here for application process)
  • Be prepared to provide Drivers’ License or other proof of age, 18-35;
  • Applicants will be screened by the Gallery Jury Committee and approved by the Gallery Board of Directors.