Approximately 30 local artists are the members of this co-operative gallery. On any day you will usually find two or more of us at work in the gallery.

    Terry Accomando

    Terry AccomandoTerry Accomando, Ceramics    916-716-5259
    Terry's interest lies in large organic vessels, human-inspired figures, architectural sculptures, nature inspired wall masks, amusing garden "critters," and functional pottery. She often combines wheel-thrown and hand built pieces altering and incising the surface. Terry studied under Ruth Rippon and has been influenced by many well-known artists and cultures.

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    Don Augstein

    Don Augstein, Sculpture • 530-274-9541 cell | 415-971-0456
    Don began Indigo Wood & Metal Works (IWM) in 1999. His passion for design and fine detail; working with wood, metal and colorful glass are the inspiration that brought IWM to life.

    Don builds custom furnishings that are individual, functional, and compliment their new environment; a welcome addition to your lifestyle.

    Blending beautiful woods, metal and wonderful color is the focus. Don produces one product at a time and works individually from design to installation.


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    Anne Bradley

    Anne BradleyAnne Bradley, Mixed Media and Assemblage         916-487-4472
    After being a professional watercolor and acrylic painter, Anne Bradley learned to weld and cast bronze as well as aluminum at Sierra College a number of years ago. Bradley explores metal work in sculpture and integrates it into her paintings. She has a continuing interest in experimentation, and gets excited about finding new materials or new ways of using old materials. She starts with words and concepts, then goes on to size, color, and shapes.

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    Judy Butler

    Judy ButlerJudy Butler, Fused Glass 916- 300-6720
    Fused glass is a challenging and rewarding medium, Judy notes, "I have been working with glass for 15 years and still find it thrilling, surprising and enchanting. My artwork entails numerous steps that include cutting multiple pieces of colored glass, layering it and fusing it in a specially designed kiln (requiring a minimum of 18 hours). Additionally, I draw and paint on the glass with various enamels and mediums.

    My designs are inspired by my love of color, passion for quality, and frequently, a touch of whimsy. Each artwork is unique in design and craftsmanship. I enjoy exhibiting in galleries and art fairs and teaching others the possibilities of glass."

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    Cathy Cline

    Cahty Cline
    Cathy Cline, Precious Metal and Vitreous Enamels 530-906-8870
    Ms. Cline designs gold and silver jewelry and fine vitreous enamels that are inspired by nature's beauty.

    She is also an artist-in-residence at The Gomez Arts Center, located at 808 Lincoln Way in downtown Auburn.

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    Thien Dao

    Thien DaoThien Dao, Ceramic Sculpture 530-368-2813
    Thien enjoys creating abstract sculptures that have depth and seemingly endless flowing lines to accentuate pleasing figures. Her use of vivid colors emphasizes the subtle presence of internal strength. She is always seeking that indescribable feeling of gratification when a connection is made between a viewer and her art.


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    Vincent Di Leo

    Vince Di LeoVincent Di Leo, Photographer and Photomontage Artist          530-889-2976 

    My photographic images are created by combining photographs and sometimes scanned objects together to create a photomontage. I use multiple layers of photographs and blend the colors and images into one.  The creative possibilities are endless.

    The creation of art with my camera has a deeply personal meaning for me. In my digital darkroom I alter the images to create one of a kind photographs that push the boundaries of what is real and surreal. My goal is to bring the viewer to a place they have never been before by creating images that depart from reality.

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    Phill Evans

    Phil EvansPhill Evans, Sculptural Metal, Stone, Glass, Wood, Static and Kinetic Design      916-992-4611
    Local artist Phill Evans has been producing sculptural arts and designs in the Sacramento region for the past 40 years. Inspired by people, places and things, Phill’s curiosity is charged by personalities, historical perspective, geophysical observations and balancing design conclusions with the engineering sciences. Working with metals, glass, stone and wood, Phill has created many award winning sculptural concepts in kinetics, figurative works and public art.

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    Sue Anne Foster

    Sue Anne FosterSue Anne Foster, Mixed Media Sculptor     916-342-4293
    For 18 years Sue Anne taught classes on creativity at American River College and led workshops around the country. Interest in sculpture since her college days began to surface again after taking welding and casting classes. She is curator of numerous sculpture exhibitions for Valley Sculpture Artists.

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    David Graybill

    graybillDavid Graybill, Sculptor 916-764-8296
    I knew I would be an artist from age 12. Drawing, sculpture and photography were my main interests. In college, I began making and marketing stained glass panels, terrariums and jewelry boxes and was rather successful. I was a ‘rich hippie’ and had a NEW VW van!

    But stained glass fell from favor so,

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    Steve Harrington

    Steve HarringtonSteve Harrington. Found Metal Sculpture 916-652-4051
    Steve assembles "found" objects, welds them together, and assembles them. The result is a statement that reaches out to you.  If you take the time to see several of Steve's work, and your inner soul doesn't laugh or smile, you probably are already moved on to the next world, but don't yet realize this. You should come and see his work.  It is something to lighten your heart. Warning: you will want to take something home.

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    Debra Hosler

    Debra HoslerDebra Hosler, Fiber and Mixed Media 916-624-4920
    In Debra's words, "I enjoy playing with color, texture, pattern, and surface embellishment, and the many challenges and wide versatility of working with fiber as a medium suits me well. I like to use a variety of styles and techniques in my work, sometimes including non-traditional materials and methods. My design approach is generally spontaneous and exploratory, allowing me to consider and incorporate ideas as they present themselves—-I like to ask the question, “What if…?” and see where it leads me in the creative process. My hope is that others will examine my work and experience a sense of pleasure or intrigue."

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    Lori Humphrey

    Lori HumphreyLori Humphrey, Mosaic • 530-913-3544

    Creating beautiful mosaic windows, wall pieces, 3D works, fused glass and jewelry are all a passion of Lori's work. She calls her mosaics “painting with glass.”

    Lori uses a bright and bold palette to create very whimsical and joyful pieces. The same palette is used when creating custom animal portraits and Tribute Guitars of famous bands. Lori's work has shipped throughout the United States and all over the world.

    Living in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada,

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    Rebecca Jaggers

    Rebecca JaggersRebecca Jaggers, Watercolor • 916-369-2031

    Ms. Jaggers is loving the magic of watercolor with its luminous, fluid, sparkling quality which results when light travels through the pigment and back to the viewer. The tendency of water to move pigment in ways that are not always predictable allows her the opportunity to explore and interact with the painting as it proceeds, not exactly leading but cooperating with it’s unique expressive potential. Her desire is for minimal description, resisting the urge to add much detail and stopping short of the complete explanation, instead allowing the viewer the opportunity to go where their imagination takes them.


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    Rose Kirby

    Rose KirbyRose Kirby, Painter and Collage Artist 530-305-1120
    From Rose, "Inspiration surrounds me every day, and with the use of color, paint, pastel, and collage, I explore those feelings and let my intuition take hold.  This is what I’ve gravitated to and am embracing in the moment.  Recently I’ve begun painting wildlife and pets, which bring a lighter side and a sense of balance to my work. Much of my work comes from a raw and emotional place, it is referenced from my personal as well as my professional experiences in life."

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    Chris Magisano

    Chris Magisanoaka Maggie’s Meltdown, Silver & Stones

    Once again, Chris Magisano woke up in a cold sweat. Another day of NOT making or creating, this was the exact moment she knew it was over. Her life as a gainfully employed person was about to end. It was March 31st, 2011 and her last day of work. She simply could not stand another minute of the life she had. With all the encouragement needed from Doc G, her wife, she laid down her badge and picked up a hammer and a saw. That was the end and the beginning of The Meltdown.

    Since then she has gotten up every morning, put on the clothes she likes, dawdles as much

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    Edward Mallory

    Edward MalloryEdward Mallory, Plein Air Oil Painter 916-749-0210 Blog:
    Edward Mallory is an award-winning oil painter residing in Roseville CA. He describes his painting technique and style as “minimal impressionist,” focusing on shape, light and color to interpret a subjects form within his paintings. He enjoys painting a variety of landscape, figure and still life subjects trying to say something personal with each painting. When away from the studio he can often be found, brush in hand, capturing the cliffs and crashing waves of the pacific or a vineyard slope at sunset. Returning to his studio he often uses one or more of these small on location plein air studies to produce large studio works.


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    Eileen Marcotte

    eileen marcotteEileen Marcotte, Gourd Artist 208-304-3153
    "Art touches everyone's soul. Sitting in my studio, creating, is where I feel peace and serenity. Gourds lend themselves to all types of exploration. My work flows with my moods. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes earthy, sometimes deep.

    I strive for creations to enlighten the artist in you."

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    Rebecca Martinez

    Rebecca MartinezRebecca Martinez, Polymer Clay 530-613-5985
    "I didn't choose polymer clay as my medium—-it chose me”  explains Rebecca Martinez. “The clay provides so many possibilities for experimentation with color schemes and textures. I always have another idea for earrings, necklaces or other accessories.”

    Rebecca typically mixes up a color palette of clay which is inspired by the season or a life event.  She models beads, bowls, figures and pendants from the clay in that palette.

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    Jim Marxen

    Jim Marxen, Painter • 916-817-0667 •

    Jim’s paintings are bright and colorful, reflecting a conviction that humans must live sustainably within the environment and restore the places we’ve damaged. His work conveys optimism and underscores the need to ensure all people have the same opportunity to experience the beauty of art and this world.

    Although he began painting at an early age, life took a different course and Jim didn’t begin a

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    Gia McNutt

    Gia McNutt, Acrylic and Mixed Media • 916-502-5311
    giamcnutt.comFacebook @Gia McNutt Artist

    Gia began to focus seriously on visual art in 2013, primarily acrylic painting and mixed media, after “retiring” from the I.T. business she co-founded 20 years prior. Gia paints landscapes and female subjects, using vibrant colors.

    She notes “As a relatively new artist, I am still exploring many styles and subjects, and I hope I always will be!” Gia’s work has been displayed in Auburn ArtWalk the past 3 years, and various wineries. Gia also had the honor of painting a utility box at the corner of Auburn-Folsom and Pacific, in Auburn. In addition to visual art,

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    Jenn Norpchen

    Jenn NorpchenJenn Norpchen, Gourd Artist 925-997-7395
    For Jenn Norpchen, art has always influenced her life. With a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Fine Arts, she used her background in ceramics and sculpture to meld the two mediums.

    Her gourd art consists of a little of this, a little of that…a whimsy. "The whimsical characteristic of my gourds fascinate and delight me. I am enchanted by the imperfect nature of gourds and the fact that no two are alike. The gourd is a magical canvas: its shape and patterns guide the artist to what it will become, ‘each piece unique’."

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    Ann Ragland

    Ann RaglandAnn Ragland, Silk Painting and Acrylic Painter 916-729-3216 
    "Mostly I am interested in the figure although my better-known work are the Yosemite pieces. Formerly, I worked in the batik medium. People fascinate me and depicting them in a fairly abstract way is enjoyable to me. Selfishly, I work for myself and if others enjoy, then all the better. My career goes back to 1959 when I was first juried into the State Fair art show."

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    Connie Rodriguez

    Connie RodriguezConnie Rodriguez, Acrylic and Mixed Media
    916-709-1010 •

    “I am an expressionistic artist working with acrylic and mixed media because I enjoy their versatility. I love the sacred and mysteries in life and my work is informed by this as well as the feeling of a place or thing.

    As a former Jungian Psychotherapist, symbols, archetypes and dreams often inspire my paintings. I strive to create from the Inside Out, which is also the name of my painting class series. I have been teaching classes for over 7 years and my work has been featured in international as well as national magazines. My art is hanging and sold in local galleries and businesses. Please visit my website for more information:

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    Heather Scott

    Heather T. ScottHeather Scott, Jewelry 

    Heather T. Scott is a practicing mitsuro wax and jewelry artist who has been developing her technique for nearly a decade. In that time, she's perfected the mitsuro technique's climate-sensitive wax recipe and learned to bring out the natural beauty of the material to form wearable artisan jewelry. Mitsuro is a rare 1,300 year old Japanese blended wax technique that creates organic designs with beautiful striations.

    Heather discovered mitsuro at the perfect time in her life. As a young artist in Hawaii,

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    Patricia Sokolowski

    SokolowskiPatricia Sokolowski, Sculpture and Ceramics 916-205-5954
    "From the beginning, my sculptural work has been a continuing exploration and attempt to illustrate ideas and concerns of the human condition of women. I explore many different women's issues, abuse, weight, depression, loss, and how love and family transcends one through it. My latest metal sculpture work stems from loss, and the beauty that can come from it; expressed through images of angels; from there it has become an exploration of the figure without the figure; by trying to capture the figure within the wings or a single feather."

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    Trisa Swerdlow

    Trisa SwerdlowTrisa Swerdlow, Fused Glass • 916-300-5747
    Beyond my internal, daily NEED to create, my art itself is all about finding joy in everyday things and experiences. That is what I express with my work and what I hope I bring to others.

    My eclectic personal style is reflected in my art. Pulling from diverse influences ranging from Classic Art, The Impressionist movement, Mid Century Modern Design, Punk Rock, Nature, Art Nouveau, Modern Art, Graffiti Art, even a pinch of Steam Punk. I mentally collect images that appeal to me and my work becomes a true expression of all that I am.

    I have been utterly obsessed with glass fusing for the last three years. The more techniques I learn, the more inspired I become to push the boundaries of what is possible. Sometimes this results in catastrophic failure and sometimes it results in awesomeness! Failure makes the successes

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